Devlog #49

Version 3.1 for the demo is now available for everyone to play. I'm sorry if there have been people waiting a long time to see this update, this version contains the option for Japanese and I wanted to be extra thorough making sure every line of text was accounted for, with that said a few things in the JP version are not translated yet and some things may definitely still need editing, but it's mostly stuff nonessential. There are also of course several fixes from 3.0 to this version:

Changes from 3.0.3:

*Nyx's mode has a new dungeon that can be accessed after the first one.

*The Sky Garden Temple has been redesigned.

*Nyx's portion of the overworld is bigger and rearranged in some spots.

*Sasha's dungeons have changes to certain rooms.

*Grab system is different, instead of mashing to escape you only have to hold down the jump key. However there is a variable time limit to how long you have to escape. You have the option to attack enemies for a large amount of SP to immediately escape, but it can fail under some conditions. Many enemies also can't continuously grab the player as easily as older versions. Some new items added.

*A couple new enemies added.

*Game should run better and not be as likely to crash when closing.

*Special art is displayed depending on the results when finishing the demo.

Get Moon Rhapsody Demo v3.1


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i kinda think its a good idea you start a dlsite acc and post your demo there,  im sure you would get a lot of japanese to play the game

Awesome update. This 3.1.2 update does cause text characters to display rectangles. Not sure what is going on.

how nuch you think has left for the game anyways?

Not including scenes and other content XD


The demo is around 1/3 of the game.

awesome, seems very interesting so far XD

also when the first demo be put into the game again? lol

What do you mean, the city area? That's still in the current demo.


oh, in that case, not been able to get to that area yet, game is like a RPG maker souls like.. talking about hard, the spider drone things, even in the first demo, hit so hard lol

Other than that, i think am still on the island, though thats because i play the other versions of the demo to and there is a lot of changes between them, that was cool to see XD