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Moon Rhapsody is a an action adventure game that takes some elements from survival, horror games, and old school JRPGs. It also contains a fair amount of nudity and hentai so be warned if you're not into that. Mature content can be turned on or off in the options menu. This demo covers an earlier part of the game than the last one, please be aware many parts are still WIP and subject to change. This game can also be somewhat demanding on older and weaker PCs and requires DirectX 11 to run properly.

Some gameplay features:

  • Conservation of resources is key in this game, you have limited SP to attack and perform actions with and running out can mean trouble.
  • Combat situations can be fast paced and tense but just hacking and slashing isn't always the best option, sometimes it's best to run away.
  • An open ended environment you are mostly free to explore how you see fit. The time of day and weather patterns will change and affect certain things in the world.
  • Your weapons and clothing will degrade, prompting some enemies to abuse you if you're grabbed without clothes on...

Default controls(Can be changed from the in game options menu):

WASD/Arrows: Move
Mouse Left: Use weapon/switch to last melee weapon
R: Use item
Mouse Right: Jump/Interact
C: Slide attack(Hold to enter prone)
Space: Aim/switch to last firearm
Q/E: Cycle weapons
F/V: Cycle items
ESC: View status
Enter: View map


Twitter: Kosmic https://twitter.com/_KM91_

Moon Rhapsody Discord: https://discord.gg/K8EFDAq

Devlog: https://kosmic91.blogspot.com

Additional music credit: MisfitChris https://soundcloud.com/misfitchris 

Japanese translation help: JANE

If you like this game please consider supporting me on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/Kosmic91


v3.1.3 fixes:

  • Wrong font display issues. 
  • Info showing for wrong items.
  • Status sprite issues.
  • Missing collision bounds in Hoarder's Passage.
  • Slide attacks using weapon durability.
  • First boss fight for Nyx not starting if a kunai is thrown.
  • Nyx+Aello capture scene replay prompts not showing.


Moon Rhapsody Demo v3.1.3.rar 576 MB

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Can someone help me with this room? Kinda confused.

can anyone tell me how to unlock this scene for Nyx?

Go to I19. Save first (so you can load if need).

There is a ghost sitting on the bench at Seaside Ruins (L16). However she'll vanish immediately if she saw you. That's why you must go to K16 then enter L16 from the north. Approach her  from the back to unlock the scene. 

I think she only appear one time per day at night time, so if you enter from the south and she vanish, you must load or wait until next day to try again.


will there/could there be a mechanic in the future where a char could be knocked up but not... well die?  not even for all enemies, just specific ones.  I think that'd be a real neat addition personally (especially since they could just kill you anyway with not grappled)
Great game btw. ... despite me being stuck on the queen bug boss fight (she just wont DIE ;-; )

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Queen Bug? If you mean the Beelzebub boss in this room then there is a cheese method to defeat her, just hide behind the tree like this pic, then she will stuck in the red circle spot, and you can use the gun to shot her to dead.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


There is one such scene that already exists on the Sasha route with the Basilisk Capture scene. If you get banged about 5 times in a row before escaping, you get a special game-over screen of a pregnant Sasha.

I'm not get it. How can you escape when you get banged? It's gameover isn't it?

I tried to wait until the Z button disappear and use X to escape for 5 times in a row but nothing happen.

The Basilisk Capture scene is a bit different. When you get caught in a particular room of the Ship Graveyard, you will get the normal h-scene but instead of a gameover, the screen fades to black and you find yourself tied up inside a ship. You can either make an escape attempt in which case you have to slip past three Basilisks, or you can resign yourself to being trapped, in which case a Basilisk will walk up to Sasha and rape her, playing a unique h-scene. This will also lead to a unique gameover screen. If Sasha gets raped 5 times before escaping, either when she's tied up or by the other Basilisks in the area, you will get another unique gameover screen wherein Sasha is pregnant.

In summary: There's a particular room in the Ship Graveyard, get game-overed 5 or so times in the room and you'll get a unique game-over screen with pregnant Sasha.

Ah, thank, I'm not reach that spot yet, I play Nyx route first because it's easier. In Sasha route I only defeat the Beelzebub and stop there.

I read some people say in some conditions you can get different scene but I guess it's not:

You can time escaping via an attack to the last possible moment before game over to have your character penetrated. You actually get a different picture in the inventory menu if that happens a couple of times (at least while naked).
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I am aware of what is being referred to here; the image of Sasha on the inventory/status screen (esc key on keyboard) will change after she has been penetrated in the lead-up to a h-scene, like so:

well yes but thats a game over scene (still plan on getting it)

uh... my lightning spray broke in the dungeon with the siren boss. How can I restore it? I have the game saved at where it says "weapon at risk" once I equip it...

buy it in the shop

What shop? I can buy spray paint from the Kappa, but I would still need a thunder Anima, which I thought was a one-time item... apparently not, but I still don't know where I would get it again.

You can buy second anima from witch shop (which located inside the Hillside Cave Q14).

Alright thank you very much for the info

Can anyone help me open those doors? :(

pic1: i don't know where

pic2: can you see the rock , go up and go to the right door

Pic 1 is the right house in the Hoarder's Passage.

where the key ? i can't find the key to enter there.

help me :)))

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Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly where is it, but it's just somewhere in that Hoarder's Passage area. I cleared everything except that room in pic 1.

How about show your map? Then I can see which room you're not cleared yet and help you solve the puzzle in that room.

There aren't anything after that though, the next area still in developing.

please help me, I do not know how to move this stone. can you show me how to remove it?

you need to be poisoned and just move up

thank you very much! can you help with that?

you need go down ?

in general, I need to climb the stairs, which is littered with boxes, but I read that I need a spray that causes lightning, it's strange that I didn't find this spray, what should I do?

you need to re-enter, you will see the box to jump on

How do I beat this puzzle

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Gotta go fast. After powering the switch with a lightning tag you need to zoom back to the switch as fast as you can. There's only like half a second to spare if you make a good bee-line back to this room, so make sure to practice lining up your run from the room with the power pad thingy back to the switch.

i've yet to try this one but i tried the first demo and i was wondering if this one has a no gore mode

You can change the violence level in the 2nd page of options.

ok, look. Love the game, keep up the good work, but when even an autoclicker can't let me get out of grabs, you know the system is bad. I've been trying to fight the ogre for the past 4-5 months, and every time he gets low on hp, I'm grabbed no matter what, and can't escape

Why would you need to use an autoclicker to escape grabs? You either press your attack button (default left click on mouse+keyboard) to instantly escape at the cost of SP, or hold down your jump button (default right click on mouse+keyboard) to escape by filling the bar.

Depending on your state of undress, the time window to escape by holding down the jump button will vary, so you may end up needing to use the attack option and spend SP. If running out of SP is the problem your facing, then you may find it helpful to know that the blue torch in the bottom corner of the Ogre's arena can be consumed for SP and relit with either torches or fire magic and consumed again, potentially providing unlimited SP.

Just hold down the jump button. Its a bout how fast you react and hold steady without letting go of the button. But remember, the less clothing you have intact, the less time you have to react to break free.

Hope that helps.

Hey, thank both of you. I was able to beat the oni the second time I fought him, with the heads up on the torch. Also I wasn't aware I could just hold down the button to escape, I thought it was just clicking


Good god man, I dunno if I'm just getting old and my reaction time is shot but I cannot for the life of me do the quicktime event to survive Nyx's ambush when rescuing the harpies. I'm begging you to add some difficulty options to this game and make the input wait for those quicktime events part of it. Cause jesus christ, I don't think I've ever had this much trouble doing a quicktime event in my life.

Nah its mostly that the game is designed around pretty unreasonable difficulty.

Also based on what people have been saying in the comments, the quick-time events have recently been changed for the worse and made harder.

greeeeat, how fun

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Hello! Can you please tell me what to do in the hoarder's passage in Nyx's walkthrough? I found some kind of plate with a picture of a lightning and next to it a switch that does not work. Maybe I need to turn on the electricity or something?

Or maybe this switch works, but I have some kind of bug?

Sorry for my english


You need to place a lightning tag with spray paint.


I collected all eight tags, but I don't have lightning :) and tags placed with yellow spray do not work.

I collected almost all the items for Nyx, but did not find the lightning tag. Where can I find it?


Sorry I should have said you need lightning paint, the tag doesn't matter.

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It doesn't seem to work in my case. I have lightning spray paint and s-lightning spray paint and neither of them work.

I guess, I found some bug :)

Or maybe I didn't do something before.


After placing the lightning tag on the pad, you have to trigger it. The resulting lightning strike "powers" the switch for a brief moment (while the red light is flashing green) so you have to be quick. If that doesn't work, then you've found a bug I've never seen. The lighting switches always worked fine for me, and I've played through Nyx's mode several times.

Im stuck in sky garden temple on nyx can someone tell me how to complete the area ? thx


Where exactly are you stuck?

I have cleared all the rooms that are open and unlocked the door next to campfire but there are stones that block my way that I cannot destroy and there is puzzle room with water,  pipe and destroyable rock that I don't know how to complete.


The stones that block the way can be pushed. If they're plain grey with circles in the middle you can push them any time, if they're reddish/purple you need to be poisoned in order to push them. Sometimes you just need to step back and get a running start if push-able blocks aren't cooperating.

The puzzle room with water requires spray paint with the water anima to break the blocks. Firing the water paint across water causes it to make a huge vortex that can smash through blocks as it goes. Additionally, there are some blue blocks with wavy patterns on them that can only be destroyed by the water paint. Outside the temple, there is a section of the map north of the entrance that is walled off by these blocks. Break them to get the Lunar Lotus tag from the chest so you can finish the other puzzle room in the temple.

Thanks you very much.

Trying to replay aello's scene and then exiting out breaks the practice mode. Not sure if it's a big enough problem to bother with, but hey, maybe somebody'll get confused and do the same specific song and dance as i did.

Please add difficulty levels to this game. Make the current difficulty Hard and create one of two lower difficulties as the current game difficulty is absolutely unreasoble.

It is not fun to have to repeat stuff 100 times over just cause everything is an instant kill, you do next to no damage and game explains almost nothing about it's mechanics.

Or the mechanics are terrible. One or the other.


This game is really not all that hard. It takes a little bit to learn the best way to fight with each weapon, but there are only two unreasonably difficult spots. Seeing as they're both final bosses for each of the characters' modes, I don't think it's a bad thing for them to be this hard for the demo. Hell, one of them is intended to be unreasonably difficult because there are multiple ways to beat her, of which fighting head-on is the worst idea. Even then, they can both be cheesed by using items or the terrain to your advantage.

If you think the standard difficulty is hard, try entering the Konami Code in the main menu to unlock Master Mode. There are actual instant kills when you only have a fraction of the normal HP and no armour to start with.

Just cause there is even more unreasonable difficulty than the current "standard" one, doesn't mean "standard" is any less unreasonable.

Also, there already are many instant kills (basically all bosses so far), almost no ways to heal or reflenish resources and generally the game is incredibly unfair and you have to cheese everything as if you were doing naked Dark Souls meme runs. Except that here its the actual game.

I am not really asking for the game to be easy. I am asking for it to be reasonable for a normal human being that is not gonna be spending hundreds of hours perfecting pixel perfect movements and actions... on a freaking hentai game.

I mean, this game is no Hollow Knight. I am pretty sure nobody would expect Hollow Knight's quality from it. But I am pretty sure Team Cherry would not make Hollow Knight as difficult as it is if they could not code a combat system as fluent and responsive as they did. And this game is anything but fluent and responsive.

Also just reading through the comments here it seems that different difficulty levels are a pretty big topic and a rather common request. Just saying.

None of the bosses have an instant kill, unless you're running in with no armour and low health to begin with. Even the snipers (which have been nerfed and removed from Nyx's mode in the current version of the game) don't instant kill unless you're unarmoured and have half health. Literally the only thing in the game that can instant kill you from full health has an announcement on screen letting you know it's coming and can be avoided by walking in any direction.  You don't need hundreds of hours or pixel-perfect movements to beat the game. My first run took me just under 5 hours to 100% Sasha's mode, and that was with fighting her final boss the hard (stupid) way and getting lost and confused like a moron for an hour in the Ship Graveyard.

Just because you can't face-tank and mash/attack spam your way through every enemy in a dungeon doesn't mean the game is too hard. It isn't meant to be a fast-paced action game where you can rely on drops from enemies to be back at perfect condition after every encounter. The game's description is old Zelda style gameplay with Resident Evil difficulty and resource management. Save your items for when you need them! Fight tactically! If something can be cheesed, cheesing it is probably the intended way to beat it! Fighting things is always a risk, usually a resource drain and rarely necessary. The key is recognizing that you don't have to fight, most of the time. Rooms that actually require being cleared out are fairly obvious, generally being a dead-end filled with enemies for no reason. The game is designed so you should have at least one sewing kit and 2-3 potions going in to both Sasha and Nyx's first boss fights. There are campfires you can rest at to restore HP and SP while exploring (at least one in each dungeon and more spaced reasonably in the overworld) as well as fish and mangoes that restore HP and respawn every time you leave and return to the area, allowing you to stock up on a good supply of healing items in just a few minutes. After the first dungeon you can buy more items from the Druids if you get tired of mangoes.

The reason so many people are having trouble with the current difficulty is because they assume this game will be something other than what it claims to be, or that it should be easy because "it's just a hentai game" and they want access to the gallery without having to beat the game. Either that, or they're trying to beat it one-handed. Because it's a hentai game.

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Deleted 64 days ago
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I gave a try to the new grab mechanic (sorry, I’m late), and I don’t quite like it.

From a mechanical standpoint, it’s much more complexe and obscure. Personally I’m fine with the added complexity, but I just want to point out how much of a learning curve it has.

The og grab was very straight-forward: just fill the bar as fast as possible. You can’t make things any simpler.

With the new one, there’s now a lot of things to figure out, and that tiny sign at the entrance of the thief passage doesn’t covers the important nuances :

Why am I unable to fully fill the bar, am I doing something wrong? Oh it’s because I’m too naked, so it’s something I can figure out ahead of time. If I still partially fill the bar, do I get any benefit from it? Doesn’t look like it. So how much MP does attacking cost? Why do I get two different numbers? Oh, it’s because trying to partially fill the bar is in fact detrimental…

The mechanic itself isn’t very self-explanatory, and because it unfolds so quickly, you don’t always have the time to process what happened. I spared myself the hard part and looked up the details on discord, but I think things are more fun when you don’t feel compelled to do that.

From a horny standpoint (I daresay, the most important standpoint when it comes to grabs!), I’m just really sad that they unfold almost instantaneously. It pulls the game further away from the “spicy during gameplay” category, and more into the “spicy after game-over” category. I really prefer the former kind. (Also RIP the endless grab cheats).

If I could make one change to the new mechanic it would be either of two things :

  • Bring back a bit of the old grab; If you fail to escape, your MP are drained over time, and the CG only triggers when you have none left. This doesn’t fundamentally change the current mechanic, but it gives you more time to process what is happening (and learn from it), more reaction time, and more animation uptime. If you are charmed, this new timeframe could be made into a last chance to drink a purify before attacking, (or a druid’s potion if you just want to make it last longer. Long live endless grab cheats.)
  • Make it possible to actually survive the CG; Instead of it being an insta-kill, it would consume a large chunk of MP (or maybe HP), and automatically release you afterward if you still have some left. This would be the best thing for me. (I had been thinking about it for older versions already, but now feels like the right time to bring it up.)

Either is fine on its own, but both could actually co-exist if they tap from different gauges. (But maybe I’m being greedy here)

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Found an Intresting Bug


how to hit it  ?


It would be nice to see some difficulty levels since for some the current difficulty is to hard or to easy


can we had difficulties like easy, normal, and hard


How do you defeat the thief in Nyx mode?


Place three "Heart" tags at the entrance of the arena, just before you go in far enough to trigger the fight, then keep attacking from a distance. You can get in quite a few hits right at the start before she starts moving around. Stay out of her reach and abuse Nyx's range advantage to keep piling on damage while you keep circling back to the healing zone you set up at the start. You should be able to beat her without using a Druid's Potion if you get lucky and stun-lock her a few times, or just be really careful about staying out of her range and dodging those kunai.
For most of the bosses in Nyx's mode you can run around out of their reach while using the big AoE jumping attack to keep hitting them while avoiding ranged attacks, or if you don't mind grinding for a bit of cash, you can buy extra Druid's Potions to refill your SP and magic spam everything to death. The thief is probably the hardest boss in Nyx's mode just because you don't have much for healing at that point.


my main probleme is that i havent figured out yet how i can repair my clothes since these are almost broken


Use a sewing kit. They drop from some enemies, and I think you get like 2 or 3 from chests by the time you reach the thief boss fight. Nyx's armour value is trash, though, so it's not really necessary for her mode unless you find you keep getting grabbed all the time and want to save SP by struggling free instead of attacking.

Will there be an Linux version?

so you cant use wine to run the game on Linux but you can use Proton

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i found someting wrong :/ ???????????

maybe this one isnt an error, but it might be one so i will send it here as well. nyx outfit shows sasha outfit when moving it. when you put it its nyx's though

I keep forgeting to fix that.

(3 edits)

how about this one?
I used water spray and light spray, they disappears when its empty. but its different for this fire spray, is it a bug too?

tested against pirate and in practice and the spray can damage, tag effects still triggers, this bug still happen when i reopen the app

I got a nyx swimsuit but it turned out to be Sasha's swimsuit. and spray, I can't do anything about it. it shows error code....

There's a bug in some version of 3.1.3 that's since been patched that allows the gate in Sasha's mode to be open.

I just fire a fireball at the lever...... '>'

say.. there is this one looong wire that connects a charge plate and a switch in hoarder's passage.. I hit the charge and it lights for about 10s. i tried running to the switch before that 10s ends and yet i cant seem to trigger it..how? it may be issue of me not switching it within 10 minutes though..

You actually have to break a hidden block with the fire paint that blocks the switch and opens a hidden shortcut path to the switch. Then do the charge plate and run tactic.

thanks!  i wouldnt have expected that one

since you knew this much, i take it you are done with nyx right? may i ask what's the scene between incufly and ghost hand?
ive finished all places but probably missed something since my overworld item is 18/20

Normally, I got 19/20 on my overworld items. However, there is a bug where you can go over that limit by fishing the sword multiple times (get item save reload repeat). Feel free to exploit that bug to unlock all H scenes. :)

thats quite the bug XD also.. so the scene in between  incufly and ghost hand is a sword scene?

Spoiler: You get scene from one of the enemies in the newest dungeon.

Managed to get 100% on Sasha. The dungeon relocations are good. I believe there is a bug in the water cave where the Smile/Sad block switch near Nagi won't trigger unless you do certain operations with the other Smile/Sad block switches. My only gripe is how the random generated placement of the hidden Kunoichi is very low (or perhaps I am just unlucky).

Also managed to get 100% on Nyx's Mode, although I did exploit a bug where I can go 20 items due to the Fishing Sword bug (save and reload). I am not sure where the 20th item is legitimately located, or if this is a bug. Also, I did playthrough this twice because Spirit Passage have me a 16/17 on items on play 1, but got 17/17 on play 2. I think it's the eye-paint that may trigger a missed count? Not sure. Anyways, the new dungeon is actually fun. The re-arrangement of the sky dungeon is much better. The Nagi boss is quite challenging, but figured out how to beat it.

Foe those asking, yes, I have both Sasha and Nyx files with 0 retries, 100% completion, and enemy dex filled out.

Save Files?


Yes. Your saves are located here:


I think he asked you to give him a copy of the 100% save files


Is there any way to transfer save files from the previous version to the current one?  I don't know where the save files are stored for the gam

Localappdata, but it's not possible sorry.

That's unfortunate.  I wanted to explore the new content but it takes a while to get back to where I was.  I already played thru two versions of the game, having to beat it again to try the new level takes a bit of time, and its not like this game is super easy lol.  Is there any way for you to add an option to start off at the newest content?  I understand not wanting people to skip parts of the game if its their 1st time playing.  Adding a password to start off at the end of the old content could work, but then there's the risk of people sharing it I guess.

Hey, I can't find the two last CGs for Sasha, I know one of them is from The Siren boss, but  there is another that I really don't know how I get

The last one you get if you use a key item too early.

Ok, thanks


Some suggestions for the new Grab system.

The new can be understood as: on the basis of the old version, add knockdown, add rape probability, add immediate death when inserted.

1.Knockdown makes enemies can't continuously grab the player as easily as older versions, but the excite of grabing is gone(Because the old version's grab assessment is reasonable, the only thing wrong with it was the grabbed CD).

2.Clothes seem useless now, perhaps have a little affect on the time limit.

 Last second, be neatly dressed, next second ,be nude in CG or no cloak in animation. It's better to extend the time limit until the player is nude(like the old version) or add dressed version of CG(is difficult).

3.No immediate death when inserted! 

Who doesn't want to see more long-term pixel animation? But now the H scene is just a few seconds and almost have no erotic pixel animations. It's better to be fucked to death(like the old version) and the option to attack enemies lasts until death or use some more difficult QTE when being inserted.

The new Grab system is more suitable to R-18 hidden mode instead of R-18 mode. Perhaps there is a way to develop two grab modes separately


the master mode can only be activated with the joypad or it can be with the keyboard and if so, what are the corresponding keys?


Arrow keys: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, enter.

Works for me.


How do you solve the lotus room puzzle?


You need the Lotus tag and the Skull tag. Set your water spray can to Lotus tag and your other can to Skull tag, and paint the walls indicated by the arrows, like so:

And where do you find these tags?

(1 edit)

the skull tag is in the spirit passage,the begginer dungeon,behind a pushable block pile,they have a diamond figure in the top face and the lutus is in the entrance room of the sky garden temple,you need the water spray paint to destroy some block in the upper right corner.

Ah, Ok, Thanks.

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the most fun I've had in a while, the level design is wayyyy too good and it is so satisfying when you finally figure something out.  combined with a killer soundtrack and cool artstyle,  top 1 game of all time; good shit homie

I'm stuck in the swamp temple for Nyx's run, I combined a fire anima with the second spray can and can't remove it or replace it with the water anima so I can progress through the dungeon. Should I just give up and start all over again; or is there something I'm missing?

The ghosts that come up out of the water drop spray paint, though very rarely.

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok, I feel like I've done pretty much everything for sasha's route now, but can't figure out how to get this harpy cg I've seen others talking about.   At first I thought they were talking about the ghost harpy boss in the apartments, but there didn't seem to be any cg for them.


If you're asking for Mizuki's (the Siren boss) h-scene, you want to lure her through the apartment into the labyrinth basement, and take her into the sewers with the Ghost Hands.

(2 edits) (+1)

I really love the atmosphere in this game... It's just really cool to me. The combat is pretty decent too and overall, I'm really enjoying this game. So far, I've only just finished Sasha's route. I'm looking forward to this game's future indeed. Though, how come I never got the rifle in Sasha's route? I find rifle ammo a lot despite the fact that I never got one. I watched a gameplay and he got a rifle while I only got a sword. Is that supposed to happen or did the creator change it between versions? I'd also like to report a bug that allowed me to walk on the air in the city of mist. You can jump slide and land through that building and that'll make you be able to walk on any thing as long as you don't do anything that breaks it. Though, I've tried it now and it doesn't work anymore...

Oh, and the music is so catchy! especially the music when it gets dark on Sasha's route. It's so chill and that's definitely my favorite. I hope someone or the creator releases the tracks later on so people can listen to them without having to launch the game.

Edit: I forgot to mention, but I can't fish at all? Is there something I need to do first?


The Rifle is hidden in a cave in Makishima Island. Behind Clyde's house, there are some bushes you can cut away and find the cave entrance. It was moved to the cave from the Forest Sanctuary between v2 and v3


Bruh wth... It was there? I went through the whole game with the pistol... (Pistol ammo is so baron after you're supposed to get the rifle)

(1 edit)

So, how exactly can you get access to this chest? I'm guessing is the last item I'm missing on my save and I have no idea how to get itAlso, this is a really great game, I'm having lots of fun!


You need to lure Mizuki (the Siren boss) to break those blocks with her Cyclone attack. There's no way to break them, otherwise.


Ah,  didn't knew she could do that. Thank you!


GREAT game. I can't wait for another major update or even the full game.

I'm confused on whether or not the "secret weapon" is actually accessible in the sewer for Sasha...  O.o?

I'm really digging this game it has a good concept and the art and visuals look beautiful. The combat can be a little complicated but for me personally I like the challenge all the H scenes are pretty good the enemy variety is also very good. All around for me personally this is a great game even better since this is only the demo so I have high hopes for this game in the future and I cant wait for the full title keep up the good work :).

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