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Love the character design, but the level design needed some work. Would've helped to have some combination of monuments and light to guide the player's attention.

What’s the difference between the 160 MB and 279 MB demo versions?

well one is zip and the other one is rar so i think that there is no difference and the different file sizes maybe come fromt rar compressing the files different than zip

I'm trying to play the demo and I don't spawn with weapons, how would I get them?

It feels like the harpy in the apartments is impossible to fight. I've tried running away too but there isn't anywhere to go.

You can run away from her but you have to bait her into attacking some obstacles.  Also keep in mind she follows you into every room before she's attacked, so it's best not to do so on the top floor.

Thank you for the advice

I enjoyed the game thus far barring a few things that you probably have already heard about. The open world lacking direction, the fog can be a bit too much, etc. 

Although to me that's worthy of note is that the combat feels incredibly, untelegraphed? The hooded enemies for example would just sort of quickly stunlock you unless you jump attack them, normal attacks can be interrupted too easily. The jump attack gives you a lot of i frames so it's almost the only way to attack. 

Other than that I have no issue with the game. My final questions would be for the h content: would I be able to turn it off? And as an addendum, if there is consensual h content, would I be able to just leave that on? (A vanilla/hardcore h toggle, I guess) Thank you!

how do i get to the boss in the building? i hit all the block as i suppose to sometime i get her after me but sometime i don't what i am doing wrong?

You have to hit her, you can tell where she is in the water room.

Have you thought about making a discord for your game? Would be cool to be in!

I'll consider it, though I hardly ever use discord.

It could be neat. You can build a community and get easy feedback and stuff! I'd say go for it.

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Ah here's a bug report: If you pause the game while being grabbed "devoured"(out of sp),it let you to have some open frame to spam the key to break free. Do this multiple pause/spam trick quick enough and you're safe. The bug arise as when after complete this, the player get stuck with the "cum naked overly horny moaning " sprite in the menu. After saving in a checkpoint, this is the result. A quick fix I found is that you can clean yourself in the little water spot under the bridge near the end of the demo. With that said, I hope you can find a good solution to this. Thanks


Hello again and how's your wellbeing? Also I wanted to mention some minor function that I think would be somewhat of a great addition to be added maybe. 

  • First is an UI toggle. 
  • Second is an universal option/setting (doesn't rely on save slot). 
  • Third is a gallery (maybe not though as it 'might' make the game look generic to those other game). 
  • Forth is some sort of toggle-able mini map ( might be excessive )
  • Fifth is a health station ( or anything that won't let you soft lock the game just because you run out of matches, low on health, and haven't got access to your trader friend yet )
  • Sixth is NPC with A.I that do it own things in the world. Basically giving the world a more diverse feels. (Less static NPC sitting in one place and do activity like cooking or fishing,etc)
  • Seventh is different varieties in grab scene (might also be excessive, but that's for you to decide)
  • Eight is procedurally generated dungeon and map(?) (Concept: Special dungeon with room and section generated randomly with different pre-made room.[Might not be possible nor worth the effort though])
  • Ninth is projectile based weapon and refined hitboxs (bow, shuriken, throwing knife, maybe even throwing dildo lol)
  • Tenth is more stealth function like cloaking?, disguise, critical first hit?(ambush by jump and dash to deal high damage to an unaware enemy, may become useless in higher level area), or distraction.
  • 11. There's this game called Space marshal in mobile phone that have this cone shooting style where they draw a line from the player to the shooting direction. Maybe you can adapt it with the current crosshair and make the shooting a bit more consistent. The cone is to indicate inaccuracy if you haven't tried it yet.

Thank you for making such an enjoyable and intriguing game. Please take your time, don't stressed out, and stay safe during the pandemic.

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That's a pretty big list but I'll try to address it as best I can.

  • UI toggle I was considering but I didn't put in because I thought most people would need it on. I'll probably add that later.
  • Options I don't want to make universal but I'll make it so you can edit the last played file or a new game file from the main menu.
  • Can't comment on that yet.
  • I might have a mini map, but there won't be any map for reasons in the place the demo is set.
  • There's no health stations, you can sleep in beds but Sasha can't sleep in the bed in the demo because of Mizuki watching her, the demo is actually way harder than it would be in the normal game because you can't explore up to the point it's set at and I purposely limited players to see the response
  • Can't comment on NPCs
  • Most enemies have one type of grab animation but some have multiple different "endings" if you run out of SP.
  • Can't comment
  • There's already throwing weapons, you can throw the Kukri in the demo.
  • If you crouch in the grass you can hide from enemies in the demo but it isn't very useful except when there's snipers present, other stealth options will probably depend on gear equipped.
  • That's an interesting idea, but I don't think I want to have a cone displayed whenever you aim a weapon, you can get laser attachments though.

Glad you enjoy the game, stay safe.

Thanks for fast reply. Also when I said health station, I just mean a place where you can heal indefinitely. Not a litteral health station like in half life lol. Good to know that you can sleep, and the demo is an actual test.

One last note, can we have independent bind for jump and interact, as well as the ability to bind scroll wheel, mouse4&5; mouse control in menu. Cool if it doesn't fit the retro style. Once again, thank you.


The control configurations probably aren't going to change much at this point. I'd like to add more functionality for the mouse but the game is set up to look for mainly keyboard ,gamepad inputs, or left or right mouse clicks specifically depending on the mode, it would be very time consuming at this point to go through each function that looks for an input and change it so it also looks for other mouse buttons not normally used.  As for the interact, it kind of has to be a face button on a gamepad so it has to share it's functionality with some other action. I choose Jump because it's the least used and just makes the most sense. I could move one of them like slide to a shoulder button by default, but then the 6 button input mode also wouldn't work.

how do you complete the labyrinth, i tried baiting the forest wyrm to fire ball the blocks but it doesnt work, i need help.


You need to bring someone else there to do it.

and where would this someone else be, i feel like ive ran around this whole place and am missing something obvious, i grabbed the bayonet, the talismans and the cash in the chests, talked to the harpy that takes your food and tried everything i could think of to break those blocks, its getting very frustrating not being able to see more of your game because im just incompetent


This game is absolute quality. It's kinda like a mix of IQ, cognition, and morale test all combined into this one masterpiece lol. Seriously, your game is like the pinnacle of indie gaming. High quality just from the demo alone. Still, I have to use cheat engine just to kill Mizuki... Probably fail the test alright. There are also clipping issues relating to the boss room as Mizuki attack can sometime "fling" the player out of bound. 

And a side note here, you can use the bayonet attachment to basically jump over block and obstacle (example such as: The wall in the labyrinth, the red block line in the 2nd floor,etc.). Don't think that it's intended, but that clearly make some section easier (good thing).


I appreciate the compliments, though I find it funny so many people assumed the bayonet was a glitch. From the start I wanted the game to have multiple ways past obstacles. Maybe I should have put in the info adds double jump.

Also, relating to the Devlog, is the Game over screen going to be animated? Completely cool if not. And also, thanks for your reply :D 


They'll be animated, no sound though.

No sound? Then there must be game over music right?


Only if I can make something that's not awful/cheesy.

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When i try to enter the forset after defeating Mizuki this error appear:

action number 1
of  Step Eventobj_Sasha
for object obj_enemyLoS:

Unable to find any instance for object index '115248' name '<undefined>'
called from - gml_Object_obj_enemyLoS_Collision_946d5b55_ac4a_4613_9b58_d6f52e6c227c (line 6)

..... Just letting you know

By forest do you mean the area as soon as you exit the city, or does it happen when you walk to a specific part of the map?

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Hello, I got the same problem actually. The game crashed instantly at the transition between the street and the mist field

Uhh basicly, you can't go in to the field after finishing the boss

It must be from something I changed in the last patch, I wanted to hold off on it but I'm gonna have to patch it at least once more before the next major update then.

You can get stuck here. A function that recongizes when such a thing happen (or you can activate in the menu) to shift the character to the side might be one way to avoid such a thing :D

Anyway, I love the graphics and concept. Will be playing more and hope the full release is around the corner :D

That room has given me a lot of trouble trying to make sure it works correctly, I'll try to fix it next update.

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oh that bug where you see 2nd main char is a controller bug. how do i know because i have two diffent controllers and one seen as xbox show that bug and one  that normal controller with numbers.

I figured out why it does that, I don't have an Xbox controller to test with though so I overlooked it.

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the thing is  my controller is not xbox just a different gamecube usb switch controller. one by pdp and one by hori. and one by hori is seen as xbox and  pdp is seen as normal

It will do that with any controller read under X input. I overlooked a mistake in the code that displays the icons because I mainly used direct input.

Hey so uh.... I downloaded it and.... The controls were very weird, it went straight to my controller and I decided to change it to the keyboard option... where half the controls didnt work. I was locked into WASD to move, and the 2 mouse buttons to attack. The switch weapon was also locked.... and it was assigned to nothing... So that was fun.. I couldn't attack anything so I just had to run... fast. Other than that the game looked Really cool, besides the fog kinda covering everything... I couldn't see much it should really be reduced in my opinion (In some places it just shouldn't be there like in the "temple" area where you fall down into it). It also doesnt help that it covers a lot of the "scenes". Other than that I felt that the art was REALLY good and I'm a huge fan of it. I'm definitely interested in seeing what future developments lead to

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I'm glad you liked it but I'm not sure why the weapon toggle would be locked unless you changed the bindings by accident. If you change the input mode it resets whatever the keys were to back to the default. Also, this demo is mostly full of experimental elements hence why it doesn't explain anything and doesn't give you weapons right away.  If you have problems I posted a walkthrough

So uh, the harpy bird lady thing, can you defeat her or friend her? cause i keep dying from her and i'm trying to like not kill her or kill her, and it's not really working out for me.

Sorry, I should have answered sooner. If you're talking about the black haired ghost, she isn't really friend-able but she does help you in some cases. The white haired harpies can be swayed though.

As it turns out I was talking about the wrong one, unless that one is. I realized that there was two of them. The friendly one you meet that takes your dinner, and you have some dialog with, then there's one that is hostile and attacks you. I was talking about the one that is hostile. Oofers.

You can talk to both of them, but they're always hostile initially.




have you thought  of adding control test room/ground where you have all weapons to use and get a feel for them, this i can see being in the extras.


You mean something like Devil May Cry has? I was thinking about it, but I wanted to get the challenge mode out of the way first and there's still a few other things I need to do.  But I might put it in one of the next few updates.

i need help with the bird lady in the what  i the first dungeon.

if someone can  give me walkthroughs

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im talking about the big one in the apartments that one, not the  harpy.

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if you want to know how to get there just let me know ill see, ill pm you if you want to know, wait can i even pm on here? guess ill find out later.

how do you complete the labyrinth?

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Thank you for commenting. There's a weapon that lets you block but it's difficult to find, in fact it's towards the end of the demo. If you get knocked down mash the evade button or tap in the direction Sasha is facing. The bugs can be killed with some other weapon types but not the machete.

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I'm am having an issue, I down loaded before update and played it just fine, since update though it launches and takes me to black screen.

The new files aren't actually an update I just added a rar version, but this is an issue I'm going have to fix, most likely by using a different save system all together in the future.  If you use another version of the game currently to load an existing file it might give you a black screen or crash after a certain point so you have to either use the original exe or delete the file in the game's save location, which is in the %localappdata% folder. 

Thanks for the reply, it's working now.

I'm sorry, I'm lost again…
How do We proceed from here on?

There's a hidden area in the field you have to go to.

What areas should I look for?

Look around the wooded parts.

Are there lewd scenes in the current demo?

It depends what you mean by lewd scenes, there's no CG cutscenes when you lose because I didn't think they fit the game's tone. 

Ah, okay. The gameplay is great so i'll keep an eye on it.

How should I proceed from here...?

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There's a certain order those need to be struck in. Hopefully you didn't run out of ammo.

Thank you very much. I'm lost right now, and in what order should I shoot that block...?

It should be easy to find, it's in a room on one of the floors.

Deleted 2 years ago

I tried searching for it, but I could n’t find it…
Which room should I look for?

The clock room.

might this game ever come to mac

I got to test it first.

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I reuploaded the game just to be safe and added a rar version, but I scanned the files with a few different programs and didn't detect anything. I never used webroot before and don't know much about it, did it tell you what kind of virus it found exactly?

Deleted 2 years ago

I looked up w32 trojen-gen on google and apparently webroot is known to give false positives for it. I scanned my whole computer and couldn't find anything wrong with it so I don't know what else it could be.

now that i was able to play now after i fix my stupid anti virus. yeah the game fun, just wish it did not crash where i have to delete my save to play again. i hope this gets fix and best of luck. oh ill be deleting my other commets about my dumb anti viruse to not freak out people.

I'm going to update the game with a different save system and a few extra features soon so I would hold off on playing it until then.